My Name is Jeffrey Alexander Brathwaite, JB for short. I am an Internet Technology Consultant turned blogger who so enjoys to Speak, Train, Coach and Consult for a living. I have three other blogs that help me run my business.

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I started this Twarketing blog mainly because I was fascinated with how Twitter reaches out to so many people with such valuable or not so valuable information in real time. I was also impressed with how both consumers and businesses were using Twitter as a means to market their product, service or themselves.

Armed with a background in IT Software sales, Website development, Email Marketing and Customer Service. I thought it would be interesting to study how major corporations like the Fortune 500 used Twitter. So I created my first list of Fortune 100 companies and their Twitter status. To my surprise that first list became extremely popular.

I also saw a growth in how many of these Fortune 500 companies used Twitter to enhance their Customer Service and support to their users.

So I have since rededicated this blog to the study of how major corporations like the Fortune 500 use Twitter to market their business while at the same time build brand loyalty with customer service.

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing is simply combining the micro blogging tool Twitter and Marketing.

So what is Twarketing?

Twarketing is the art of using Twitter marketing while building brand loyalty with stellar customer service.

We will search for and post some of the best examples and hope to get our readers help in documenting this great new way of marketing ones product, service or oneself.

If you know of a person or business that you would like to see a case study done on please send us a tweet @twarketing or and email to info [at] twarketing [dot] com

or send an email to:

info [at] twarketing [dot] com

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