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Fortune 100 List Of Companies And Their Current Twitter Status

It is amazing to me that in this day and age of Web 2.0 technology and Social Media there are still some major corporations that have not embraced the Twarketing boom that is occurring right now. Some of the companies that have currently impressed me the most on Twitter are not even part of the Fortune 100.

Whole Foods, Jet Blue, Woot, SouthWest Airlines and Zappos are taking advantage of Twitter’s market potential.  Most of the Fortune 500 are missing the boat on this one and I just want to let it be known who they are and ask my readers to help me catalog those that I have missed.

If corporations want to find out the dos and don’ts for Twarketing please check out Social Marketing Guru Jeremiah Owyang’s Blog or my previous post on Jeremiah’s best blog post about Twitter

This list was taken from the Fortune 500 of 2008

  1. Walmart
  2. Exxon Mobil
  3. Chevron (New)
    (Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  4. General Motors
  5. ConocoPhillips (New)
    (Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  6. General Electric
  7. Ford Motor
  8. Citigroup (Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  9. Bank of America Corp.
  10. AT&T
  11. Berkshire Hathaway
  12. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
  13. American International Group
  14. Hewlett-Packard
  15. International Business Machines (IBM)
  16. Valero Energy
  17. Verizon Communications (New) @VZWOffers
  18. McKesson
    (Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  19. Cardinal Health
  20. Goldman Sachs Group
  21. Morgan Stanley
  22. Home Depot
  23. Procter & Gamble
  24. CVS Caremark
  25. UnitedHealth Group
    (Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  26. Kroger
  27. Boeing
  28. AmerisourceBergen
  29. Costco Wholesale
  30. Merrill Lynch
  31. Target
  32. State Farm Insurance Cos.
  33. WellPoint
  34. Dell
  35. Johnson & Johnson
  36. Marathon Oil
  37. Lehman Brothers Holdings
  38. Wachovia Corp
  39. United Technologies
  40. Walgreen
    (Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  41. Wells Fargo
  42. Dow Chemical
  43. MetLife
  44. Microsoft
  45. Sears Holdings
  46. United Parcel Service (UPS)
  47. Pfizer
  48. Lowe’s
  49. Time Warner
  50. Caterpillar
  51. Medco Health Solutions
  52. Archer Daniels Midland
  53. Fannie Mae
  54. Freddie Mac
  55. Safeway
    Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  56. Sunoco
    Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  57. Lockheed Martin
  58. Sprint Nextel
  59. PepsiCo
  60. Intel
  61. Altria Group
  62. Supervalu
  63. Kraft Foods
  64. Allstate
    Recently I haven’t updated yet!)
  65. Motorola
  66. Best Buy
  67. Walt Disney
  68. FedEx
  69. Ingram Micro
  70. Sysco
  71. CiscoSystems
    I haven’t updated yet!)
  72. Johnson Controls
  73. Honeywell International
  74. Prudential Financial
  75. American Express
  76. Northrop Grumman
  77. Hess
  78. GMAC
  79. Comcast
  80. Alcoa
  81. DuPont
  82. New York Life Insurance
  83. Coca-Cola
  84. News Corp.
  85. Aetna
  87. General Dynamics
  88. TysonFoods
  89. HCA
  90. Enterprise GP Holdings
  91. Macy’s
  92. Delphi
  93. Travelers Cos.
  94. Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
  95. Hartford Financial Services
  96. Abbott Laboratories
  97. Washington Mutual
  98. Humana
  99. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
  100. 3M

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Hi, I am the social media PR guy at the CarMax home office in Richmond, VA. I have been on Twitter for awhile now as CarMaxChris. CarMax, a Fortune 500 company, adn one of the Fortune 2008 “100 Best Companuies to Work For,” is the nation's largest retailer of used cars. I invite everyone to follow me on twitter.

Thanks for the interesting list, will be following most of the companies from now on, thanks once again.


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