Winners And Losers In A 140 Character World And The Lift Summit 2010

Winners And Losers In A 140 Character World is the title of the 7th chapter in Erik Qualman’s @equalman book, Socialnomics. The chapter talks about how Twitter has changed our world by allow major Celebrities to talk to everyday Joesixpack fans and how people are turning away from cable TV and turning on their computer or cellphone to get the latest debate, favorite television show or movie.

It goes on by saying how conversation with prospects/consumers are occurring more on platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. This chapter even mentions how consumers will no longer allow you to force them into databases and communicate with them through traditional marketing channels like the telephone, email or direct snail mail.

If you are not familiar with Erik Qualman and his best selling book you may have seen his viral video titled “Social Media Revolution“. Mr. Qualman will be sharing his views on the state of Social Media at this years Lift Summit 2010 held in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Qualman is scheduled to speak at around 11:30am on Thursday September 23rd.  His topic will be,  “How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business”

If you can’t make it to this years Lift Summit. I will be live blogging from the conference and will bring you more information on what social media experts like Erik Qualman, Professor Eric T. Bradlow with the Wharton Interactive Media Initiative, Sam Decker, Chief Marketing Officer of Bazaarvoice, Mike Lewis, CEO of Social Strategy1, Michael Thomas Principal with Effective Engagements and Jeffrey L. Cohen who is the Social Media Marketing Manager at Howard, Merrell & Partners, have to offer.

So I will see you back here at about 8:30 am tomorrow morning for a play by play account of the 2010 Lift Summit.

All the best