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Twitter Is Going Public #TWIPO

Twitter announced today that they are going to go public. Most new this was bound to happen yet few new when. Linkedin did it and did it well. Facebook did it and made a complete mess of it. Now Twitter feels the time is right for them to raise even more money through a public offering.

I think the Twitter public offing is going to eclipse them all. I see Google type numbers with this one. Why you may ask? Well for one, Twitter has something it can do that neither LinkedIn nor Facebook can do. Give ordinary people like you and me the power to make or break news, initiate commerce and have a following of millions. And all of this can be done with a mobile phone in 140 characters or less.

I really think it will be the largest public offering ever for a tech company.  I could be wrong but I just think there is so much potential for Twitter and their are still so many millions of folks that are still not using it that the sky is the limit.

So congrats to you Twitter on your announcement. I just hope there is a way I can take advantage of the stock when it is offered.

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