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Twitter Goes From Nowhere to @Anywhere

Are you ready to go Anywhere with Twitter? I did not make this years South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals but I am sure if I had attended I would have been pretty jazzed about Evan Williams breaking news about the new @Anywhere. The more one uses Twitter the more you understand how influential this service really is when it comes to social engagement. Now, enter @Anywhere and you bring a whole new world of Twitter engagement to websites large and small.

@Anywhere will allow Twitter users to create conversations without having to leave the website and log onto Twitter first. This will allow readers to Tweet more often with those who frequently visit the same websites.

This is a perfect move by Twitter at this time. With all the talk about how the Twitter growth potential being stagnant @Anywhere can bring Twitter to reach new heights. Even though it will be released first on mainstream sites like  The Huffington Post and Digg, I look forward to when I can put the @Anywhere lines of code on my sites.

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8 Minutes, 140 Characters And Evan Williams Founder Of Twitter At TED

If Evan Williams @ev is still trying to figure out what Twitter is going to become then we should just let him think.  Twitter is on the verge of  BLOWING the HECK UP yet most of us, and this includes Evan are unsure what  to do with it. I for one am hooked and have to thank Social CRM Expert Brent Leary @brentleary for not giving up on me when I said to him “What the HECK is a TWEET! and what shot do I need from my doctor so I am not exposed to it.”

The mantra of this blog is Tweet, Follow or Get OUT of the Way and this holds true to all the users and haters of Twitter. Evan mentions in his Ted speech that Twitter was a side project started on a hunch. This blog is a side project started on a hunch that Twitter will grow so much and be such a big part of the mainstream marketing industry, Twarketing results on Google would be in the billions. These Results 1 – 10 of about 1,020 for twarketing are growing quite well as of the date of this post.kogi ted twitter 8 Minutes, 140 Characters And Evan Williams Founder Of Twitter At TED

So Evan, keep those hunches coming and maybe one day I can buy you lunch in LA from OMG WTF BBQ!!!!1eleven @omgwtfkogibbq
and you can buy me some gas #atlgas here in GA