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Twitter and Quicken Loans: Twarketing Case Study #2 (Audio)



Twitter Address: @quickenloans

Subject: America’s #1 Online Lender, Quicken Loans

Marketing Challenge: Distinguish their brand name shared by major bookkeeping software manufacturer and continue to bolster their lead in the online mortgage business.

Favorite Follows: @zappos and @feedbackcentral

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When you think of Quicken, most immediately think of the best selling bookkeeping software by Intuit.  When I did the research for my blog post fortune_100_best_quicken_loansFortune 100 Best Companies to Work For I mistakenly assumed that Quicken Loans was a part of Intuit. I was then notified by Kelly LaVaute, Senior Copywriter and manage all of their social media that Quicken Loans was a totally separate company from Intuit.  The story of how Quicken Loans became the number one online mortgage broker is quite a marvel especially with how much of a crisis the mortgage industry is in right now.

Matt Cardwell, the Director of Web Marketing (@thefitnessnerd) made mention that the company was bought back from Intuit  by Dan Gilbert the original founded in July 2002. Gilbert led a small group of investors in purchasing the company back from Intuit, retaining the Quicken Loans name in perpetuity. The company has been privately held since that time.

Customer Service
Quicken Loans prides itself on customer service and has used Twitter as an intricate part of how to communicate with their prospects and customers. Kelly@ Quicken Loans @quickenloans can answer a wide variety of questions regarding mortgages as well as a great fish and chip place to eat in Detroit.  Here are a few of her most recent Tweets.




Customer Feedback
Qwicken Loans just recently lunched another Twitter account specifically to get user and customer feedback. Cora @feedbackcentral is in charge of organizing live user feedback sessions. Users can share their feedback and get to see results of their suggestions on the site and on Twitter. Check out some of the Tweets from @feedbackcentral



Quicken Loans is very conscious of the current state of the economy and looks to help in educating their customers on how to prepare themselves for managing a mortgage. They have setup the website and @quizzle in order to assist the home buyer and seller with an array of financial tools. These tools include a home value report, a mortgage evaluator, a budgeting tool and a free credit report.

Customer Satisfaction
Quicken Loans has also created a Youtube Channel to capture the unscripted videos of their many satisfied customer experiences with Quicken Loans. Here is one of my favorites.

Bottom Line
Quicken Loans has truly embraced social media and gained a real presence on Twitter. Both Kelly and Matt agree that the key to being successful in communicating through these new forms of social marketing is having the support of their company when uncharted issues-both good and bad-arise.  In fact, this Quicken Loans team charged with innovatively building customer relationships is in the unique, empowered position to use social media to with little interference from its legal department. Kelly, Matt, Cora and the rest of the Quicken Loans social media crew are entrusted to be the voice of the company, working in tandem with one common company goal: “Making sure with every client, every time, they deliver on the promise to make it the best mortgage experience ever”.

Places to find Quicken Loans

1.       Quicken Loans on Twitter

2.       Quicken Loans on Facebook

3.       Quicken Loans on Yahoo! Answers

4.       Quicken Loans on YouTube

5.       Quicken Loans on MySpace

6.       Quicken Loans on Flickr

7.       Quicken Loans on Zillow

8.       Quicken Loans on LinkedIn

Quicken Loans also operates the following blogs:

1.       Quicken Loans What’s The DIFF? blog

2.       Quicken Loans Insider

3.       Quicken Loans Community DIFF

Quizzle has its own personality via the following:

1.       Quizzle on Twitter

2.       Quizzle on Yahoo! Answers

3.       Quizzle on Facebook

4.       Quizzle blog

Twitterholic Stats:

Kelly @ QuickenLoans is ranked 18,845th on twitterholic! (by followers)

Kelly @ QuickenLoans is ranked 26th in their location on twitterholic! (by followers in ‘Detroit, MI‘)



Kelly@quickenloans top five words from their TweetCloud: mortgage, rates, fixed, rate, 30yr.

Here are the people Kelly@quickenloans Replies to the most. @jenwebmkt, @kauf, @rrcarter, @amurphy and @feedbackcentral are part of her top 5.


Kelly@quickenloans gets a grade of  99.8 from Twitter Grader