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Old Spice Guy “Isaiah Mustafa” Takes Twitter By Storm

If you have not seen them yet, you Will.  @isaiahmustafa the Old Spice Guy has taken @oldspice to new viral heights with over 5.9 million views on Youtube.  This campaign has taken the Old Spice Twitter account from 3271 followers on July 11th 2010 to over 77k followers at this present date. The Old Spice Guy has made over 180+ Youtube video responses to his Twitter followers. My favorite so far has to be the one he did for @mrskutcher and @biz.  The numbers don’t lie and will eventually create many copy cat type campaigns in due time.

Twitter and Quicken Loans: Twarketing Case Study #2 (Audio)

  Twitter Address: @quickenloans Subject: America’s #1 Online Lender, Quicken Loans Marketing Challenge: Distinguish their brand name shared by major bookkeeping software manufacturer and continue to bolster their lead in the online mortgage business. Favorite Follows: @zappos and @feedbackcentral Check out the Podcast:[podcast][/podcast] Download Twarketing Podcast #2 Quicken Loans (6) – 25.59 MB When you…Continue Reading

Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One

Twitter Address: @colderice Subject: Ebay Platinum Power Seller John Lawson Marketing Challenge: Market and promote new Social Media Blog ColderICE (Internet Commerce Education) I met John Lawson about 5 years ago at a SCORE Atlanta conference. Back then John was steadily building his successful eBay business.  John is now a Platinum eBay Seller but he…Continue Reading