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Reid Hoffman and Biz Stone talk “Twitter On Linkedin”

twitter_linkedinIf you have not added your Twitter account to your Linkedin profile now is the time.
Linkedin and Twitter have official partnered and it is about to make a big dent in the Social Networking space.

Not only can you now have multiple Twitter accounts added to your Linkedin profile but all hashtags are now recognized. So please use #twarketing if you post this article to your Twitter feed. The only thing I suggest is that you don’t post all of your Tweets to your Linkedin account. When setting up your Twitter account on Linkedin use the selection that allows you to only post the tweets with “Share only tweets that contain #in” hashtag. Take a look at what Reid and Biz below have to say and let me know your thoughts.

Click here to learn more about Twarketing on Linkedin

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Biz Stone & Tavis Smiley Talk About How Twitter Will Make Money


This was an interesting conversation between Christopher (Biz) Stone (@biz) and PBS Show host  Tavis Smiley (@tavissmiley).  I have been saying all along that Twitter should not concentrate on the advertising dollars but on the companies and corporations who are making money on Twitter.  Corporations like Dell, BestBuy, Jetblue and Zappos have made millions from their F_R_E_E Twitter accounts. 3 Million Dollars, Dell And A PayPal “Donate” Button I for one would not mind paying for a premium account from Twitter, especially if you gave me a way to organize the people who followed me and gave me Google like analytics as well. I still think Twitter should also consider making money on  major events like the NFL’s Super Bowl,  the PGA’s Masters and major elections. Twitter’s New Election 2008: Twitter Branding At It’s Best As Twitter grows it will have ample opportunity to make money, I just hope to be a part of that money making process when it happens.

See or listen to the full interview by clicking here.

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Is This Twitter’s Way Of Telling Us Ads Are Coming?

I am not sure if you all noticed a little change in the Twitter Layout lately. This placement of the Twitter Search link could easily become an advertisement.  Now I would not blame them if they sold this space and I would suspect that the powers that be at Twitter are testing to see if anyone complains via tweeting about the placement.  If I were Twitter I would just GO FOR IT and let the chips fall where they may with all who would not like it.

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How Robert Scoble Uses Twitter and Friend Feed

Robert Scoble decided to do a live video cast on how he keeps up with over 70,000 followers on Twitter. He also gives an example of how he uses FriendFeed to filter all the people he follows on that platform.

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Twitter’s New Election 2008: Twitter Branding At It’s Best

The launch of the New Election 2008 site customized by Twitter has come at the best time ever. It was launched on the eve of the first Presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. This new site will be showcasing how Twitter can assist other major events and brands get real time brand recognition and market research.

Lets look at what Twitter’s new venture could do for sporting events like what just happened with the Beijing Olympics ( or for the those who are watching an event I am passionate about in baseball with the World Series ( Those who watched the last Olympics would have a place to discuss all the different meets, medals, victories and defeats. Major League Baseball could use Twitter to have their fans keep track of playoff scores and real time play by play for our favorite teams.

How about one of the most watched sporting events in the Superbowl ( The NFL could have real time forum of fans that who would love to get a chance to dialogue with their favorite teams, players and coaches.

Popular television shows like NBC’s Heroes ( and new shows like CBS’s The Mentalist ( could build even more of a following for their fans who have a passion for talking about what happened and what will happen next on their favorite show.

Last but not least this new customized Twitter site could be used to launch a new product or service. Think of Twitter launching a product that you want to get out to the marketplace ( All those who want to purchase your product could get instant access to satisfied customers already using it. You could also get automatic feedback from those who might be having a problem or have a suggestion on how to improve your product. You then get to monitor and then utilize some of the praise comments for future marketing efforts.

Twitter would finally then have a way to generate some decent revenue with each customization. They could even offer this to the same Fortune 500 companies ( that are currently missing out on what Twitter has to offer.

My only hope is that they also make this customization affordable for smaller businesses and not price it out of the stratosphere.

Let me know your thoughts on the matter at hand.

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