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Should Profesional Athletes Be Allowed To Use Twitter?

With all of the drama going on with the recent death of Osama Bin Laden, many have voiced their opinion by posting comments on Twitter.  One such person just so happen to be a professional football player who plays for he Pittsburgh Steelers.  Running back Rashard Mendehall used Twitter to make comments on what he thought of people celebrating after the news of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  He later apologized for those same comments and tried to help people understand where he was coming from when he made those comments.  Take a gander at the two videos below which are reports from ESPN on Mendehall’s comments.

Twitter has become a tool used for many pro athletes to voice their opinions, both good and bad. The question is should athletes, who represent their respective teams be allowed to send out messaged to social media sites? I tend to agree with the group that says Twitter and other social media sites like Facebook are a form of free speech. If you use these forms of communication you are subject to the same accolades and consequences you would get if you used traditional media.

That means you would also be subject to be reprimanded if you say something that is out of turn or character of your employer.  One should be very very careful when posting anything using social media. Hitting that send or publish button could take you to a point of no return. Just ask many of the people who have been fired from their jobs for posting something that didn’t agree with the wishes of their employers.


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