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Twitter Turns 5 Years Old

I have shoes older than Twitter, yet I seldom wear those shoes.  I use Twitter every day since I got my first Twitter account almost 4 years ago.  I didn’t understand it at first but my good friend @brentleary kept telling me that sending Tweets will be the next BIG thing. I resisted the urge to Tweet for almost a year then I got my first taste of how powerful Twitter really is in the world of communication.

This whole Twitter thing really hit me when the Twitter account of our current President of the United States, Barack Obama @BarackObama started to follow me.  Back then he was only the Senator of Illinois running for President but it meant a lot to me that he decided to follow me.  It was not until later on that I found out that he followed everyone who followed him at the time.

The point is I was so impressed that he thought to follow me, I started following others who in turn followed me. This time it was someone who actually knew me personally and wanted to follow the links I was sharing. We have been following each other ever since then and of course now I am hooked on Twitter.

So Happy Birthday Twitter!!! And thank you Brent for pushing me to Tweet for the first time.

All the best


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