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5 Corporate Brands With 1 Million Or More Followers On Twitter

1million_Twitter_Dollar Is @aplusk Ashton Kutcher smiling now that major corporations are eating his dust when it comes to followers on Twitter? Now that his twitter account is about to make it to the 4 million mark of followers more and more corporations are finally surpassing this million follower milestone. This just recently happened to Dell’s @DellOutlet twitter account and there was no real fan fare on their part.

Lionel Menchaca Dell’s Chief Blogger just wrote that the million follower mark just kinda snuck up on them. He further writes that they are happy to be in the company of other brands like @Google, @WholeFoods, @Zappos, and @JetBlue

We here at @Twarketing have been tracking these corporate brands using site like Twitterholic and Twittercounter and we have come to one conclusion.  This million follower mark is just the beginning. If you look at the corporate brands that are not major celebrities, sport figures, news agencies, popular online publications and of course Twitter themselves the top 10 would round out like this:

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Let me know your thoughts on how your brand is doing on Twitter.

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