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5 Corporate Brands With 1 Million Or More Followers On Twitter

1million_Twitter_Dollar Is @aplusk Ashton Kutcher smiling now that major corporations are eating his dust when it comes to followers on Twitter? Now that his twitter account is about to make it to the 4 million mark of followers more and more corporations are finally surpassing this million follower milestone. This just recently happened to Dell’s @DellOutlet twitter account and there was no real fan fare on their part.

Lionel Menchaca Dell’s Chief Blogger just wrote that the million follower mark just kinda snuck up on them. He further writes that they are happy to be in the company of other brands like @Google, @WholeFoods, @Zappos, and @JetBlue

We here at @Twarketing have been tracking these corporate brands using site like Twitterholic and Twittercounter and we have come to one conclusion.  This million follower mark is just the beginning. If you look at the corporate brands that are not major celebrities, sport figures, news agencies, popular online publications and of course Twitter themselves the top 10 would round out like this:

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Let me know your thoughts on how your brand is doing on Twitter.

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3 Million Dollars, Dell And A PayPal “Donate” Button

Twitter_logo_donateHow many of you would donate money to the founders of Twitter if they put a simple “PayPal Donate” button on your Twitter profile page? I just read an article by Claire Cain Miller @clairecm of the New York Times “Bits Blog” that stated how Dell has made over 3 million dollars from its “Free” Twitter account. I am sure if you took into consideration the referral and repeat business stemming from this Twitter traffic, that 3 million is probably more like 5 million.

Here is my theory. What if Dell made a donation of say 50 cents per follower that directly purchased an item from a Twitter link? @DellOutlet on Twitter currently has 758,311 followers. Lets just take 10% of those followers or 75k and multiply that by the 50 cents.  Ok that figure comes out to be about $37,500.  CBS charged a record $2.6 million for a 30-second spot during Super Bowl XLI. That’s roughly $87,000 per second. Do you think Dell would have made the same type of ROI it did with Twitter if it had purchased a 2.6 million dollar Super Bowl ad?

Don’t get me wrong I know Twitter is not lacking in venture capital to keep its doors open but I also don’t mind paying for a service that can bring me the type of Return on Investment that Twitter has freely given to major corporations like Dell, @Starbucks, @JetBlue and @Whole Foods just to name a few.

So here is my suggestion to Twitter.  Create a simple “PayPal  Donate” button and place it on your “How do you make money from Twitter?” page that is located in the “About us” section of the Twitter website.  If you choose not to profit yourselves from the donations, may I suggest a few charities that would be more than willing to take the much needed funds of your hands.



Juvenile Justice Fund


Johns Hopkins University  to support pancreas cancer research

So I ask you again, would you mind if Twitter placed a “Donate” button on your Twitter account profile ? How much is your Twitter account worth to you these days? Please share what your Twitter account is worth and also share if given the chance how much would you donate to keep your Twitter account?

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CBS is looking to charge a record $2.6 million for a 30-second spot during this year’s Super Bowl XL