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Pay or Not Pay For Twitter Verified Accounts


I have been saying for years that Twitter should just take a page from Internet domain name providers and just have a yearly fee for the re-registering of your Twitter handle. These Twitter handles are in some cases more important to brands then even their domain names. I would gladly pay for the 7 different Twitter handles that I currently Tweet out information on. Since domain names are about 10-15 dollars I think $5.00 would be a fair yearly registration fee. This revenue source could very well take Twitter to another level of profitability.This would also cut down on all the folks who get fake Twitter accounts in order to do more harm then good. It would also cut down on Twitter trolling and give those of us who do take Twitter seriously the ability to be one step bellow the verified accounts. Speaking of them I would keep them where they are and maybe even have two types of verification. Blue for corporate brands and Gold for entertainers and sports figures. The rest of us would have a paid yearly registration symbol that would certify to all that we are a legitimate Twitter user.

Check out the article that inspired this post from JP Mangalindan of Mashable
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Derek Jeter’s Last Selfie in New York Yankees Uniform


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Samsung part of Twitter history at the Academy Awards

Ellen's Selfie

Ellen and friends make history at the Oscars by becoming the number one retweeted picture shared on Twitter.
Beating our POTUS and wife pic of 2012 fame titled Four More Years.

In the picture with Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow  Jared Letto @JaredLeto, Jennifer Lawrence @JLdaily, Channing Tatum @channingtatum, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey@KevinSpaceym, Brad Pitt, Lupita Nyong’o @Lupita_Nyongo, Angelina Jolie, Bradly Cooper,

Samsung part of Twitter history at the Academy Awards.

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Katy Perry Roars To 50 Million Followers On Twitter























Congrats to Katy Perry on being the first to have 50 million followers on Twitter. Do you remember just a short time ago when Katy Perry was not even a blip on the Twitter list. She made her climb to the top of the list back in 2011 when she was 3rd only to the likes of Justin Bieber @justinbieber and Lady Gaga @ladygagaTwitter 10 Million Follower Club: Barack, Britney, Katy & Kim  Things have change drastically since then and now Katy stands alone at the top at just over 50 million followers. Lady G has fallen out of the top 3 down to 4 and has been replace with our POTUS @BarackObama at number 3.

Who will be the first to reach 60 million followers? Could our President finally make it back to the top slot or will the Biebster finally grow up and become the Big Dog of the Twitterverse.

What do you all think?

All the best.