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Katy Perry Roars To 50 Million Followers On Twitter























Congrats to Katy Perry on being the first to have 50 million followers on Twitter. Do you remember just a short time ago when Katy Perry was not even a blip on the Twitter list. She made her climb to the top of the list back in 2011 when she was 3rd only to the likes of Justin Bieber @justinbieber and Lady Gaga @ladygagaTwitter 10 Million Follower Club: Barack, Britney, Katy & Kim  Things have change drastically since then and now Katy stands alone at the top at just over 50 million followers. Lady G has fallen out of the top 3 down to 4 and has been replace with our POTUS @BarackObama at number 3.

Who will be the first to reach 60 million followers? Could our President finally make it back to the top slot or will the Biebster finally grow up and become the Big Dog of the Twitterverse.

What do you all think?

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Twitter 10 Million Follower Club: Barack, Britney, Katy & Kim

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Microsoft’s Bill Gates Has Joined The Twitter Universe

Mr. Bill Gates @billgates is in the Twitter Building!!!  Social Media Guide @Mashable has reported that Twitter’s Caroline Mizumoto tweeted about Mr. Gates finally actively tweeting online. Word spread fast and Mr. Gates reached 100k followers in @oprah like speed. Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) is still at the top of the list at just over 4.3…Continue Reading