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Featured Twarketing Profile “ColderICE” Wins Savviest In Social Media Award

Friday, November 20th, 2009

colderice winner1 300x228 Featured Twarketing Profile ColderICE Wins Savviest In Social Media AwardJohn Lawson from has been recognized by StartupNation ( as one of the top businesses in its 2009 Home Based 100 competition under the category of Savviest in Social Media.

John’s company ColderICE was one of the first featured as a Twarketing Profile and Case Study.
Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One

Many of the StartupNation Home-Based 100 submissions revealed that business owners are bucking the current economic downturn and finding business success in these tight times. Historically some of today’s most well known businesses started in a downturn, including Microsoft and General Electric.

“The 2009 ranking shows that the home-based business is more relevant than ever. The current recession has spurred a new wave of home based businesses as a response to loss of jobs, the need for supplemental income and the sheer passion for blazing your own trail and running your own show,” said Rich Sloan, co-founder of, one of the leading small business networking and advice websites. “Home based businesses are the biggest block of all businesses in existence and we expect numbers to grow ever greater as extra bedrooms, kitchen tables, basements and garages become host to the innovative thinking and pursuit of success by millions of Americans.”

“This is by far one of the coolest recognitions ever for me” said John Lawson, editor of, a education portal for internet business owners. “This is the first year that this category has been acknowledged and to be the first winner is truly trail blazing. Social media is officially on the map and now I get to be the first pin.”

The StartupNation Home-Based 100 highlights 10 top-ten lists making it not just your ordinary business ranking. From the wackiest, to the most innovative, to the savviest in social media – this unique and diverse list highlights the home-based businesses that usually go unrecognized, but still play a vital role in the economy today. MSN publishes the ranking as well in an editorial collaboration with StartupNation. The ten categories for 2009 include:

· Recession Busters

· Savviest in Social Media

· Most Innovative

· Boomers Back in Business

· Greenest

· Yummiest

· Wackiest

· Highest Vote-Getters

· Most Slacker-Friendly

· Most Glamorous

John Lawson was selected from among thousands of contestants by a StartupNation judging panel, which issues the ranking results annually in the November.

The full results of the Home-Based 100 ranking are available on StartupNation’s website at The 2009 ranking was sponsored by Microsoft Office Live, Infusionsoft and FedEx Office.

Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

twitter colderice Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One

Twitter Address: @colderice

Subject: Ebay Platinum Power Seller John Lawson

Marketing Challenge: Market and promote new Social Media Blog ColderICE (Internet Commerce Education)

I met John Lawson about 5 years ago at a SCORE Atlanta conference. Back then John was steadily building his successful eBay business.  John is now a Platinum eBay Seller but he still longed for something more.  ColderICE was an idea that John shared with me while taping some interviews at his home last year.  The ColderICE idea has now become a concept and is fast becoming a full blown reality with the help of Twitter.

John or ColderICE (@colderice) has gone from a handful of followers to 1500+ in less than 6 months. He has also become a Twonster when it comes to tweeting about  his ColderICE concept.  The ColderICE concept is all about Internet Commerce Education. It started with commerce via eBay and has evolved to all aspects of marketing, selling products and services on the Internet.  John is also the host of the ColderICE podcast on his blog where he interviews some of the best in the business of when it comes to doing commerce on the Internet.

This was a fun first show with my good friend John Lawson.  John shares some great tips on what he does on a daily basis to promote his blog ColderICE.  John stresses that no one wants to be marketed too all day all the time.  John uses Twitter to make a difference in someones life by sharing quality content.  Creating a Buzz on Twitter is the key for those who want to be successful influencers.  John also shares his opinion on why creating value on twitter is not enough. The more you give the more you get back in life as well as on Twitter.  So please take a listen to our short conversation and give me your thoughts on how our first show made out.


Download Twarketing Podcast #1 ColderICE (1700) - 20.83 MB

Twitterholic Stats:

Joined Twitter
on: 2008-04-26 00:07:50

John is ranked 4,424th on twitterholic! (by followers)

John is ranked 42nd in their location on twitterholic! (by followers in ‘Atlanta, Georgia‘)


colderice tweet timeline Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One

John’s Top 3 Twitter apps are: Twhirl, TweetDeck and everyone’s favorite. The Web John also enjoys using TwitterBerry for his mobile Tweets.

colderice twitter apps Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One

Here are the people John Replies to the most.  @andotherstuff, @rksmythe, @Scott_Pooler, @aswas and @brentleary are part of his top 5.

colderice replies Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One

This is John’s ReTweetability Index.The ReTweetability Index measures and ranks Twitter users based on the infectious power of their tweets. This number accounts for number of followers and Tweets overall, so it is a true indicator of infectiousness.

retweetability index colderice Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One

John gets a grade of  99.8 from Twitter Grader

twitter grade Twitter and ColdedICE: Twarketing Case Study Number One