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Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber Go 30 Million Followers on Twitter

Gaga is still the Queen of all Twitter at just over 31 million followers but not by much, Justin Bieber is right behind her at just over 30 million followers. These two have amassed over 20 million Twitter followers in just over one year. Check them out back in 2011 when they just reached 10 million followers (Twitter 10 Million Follower Club: Barack, Britney, Katy & Kim)

One thing that has also changed is the Klout status of Justin Bieber. Back in 2011 he was at 100% , 10 percentage points above Lady Gaga. Justin’s influence has dropped down to 91% and Gaga has grown hers to 93% over the last year.  Not sure why this has happened but chances are Justin is just in an influence slump and all the Twitter Monsters of Gaga are paying more attention to her Twitter feed.

One the heels of these two Twitter powerhouses is one Katy Perry at just over 29 million. Rihanna and our POTUS, Barack Obama round out the top 5.  One person who has dropped almost out of the top 10 is Ms. Kim K but that is not surprising do to her sham of a marriage going bust.

The more Twitter’s influence makes its way to those who follow, the more one should consider how to study and  mimic these Twitter superstars. Having millions of Twitter followers doesn’t  mean a hill a beans unless they act on what you say and react to what you tell them to do.

It only took one year for these influencers to triple their Twitter followers, lets see how fast it takes them to reach the 50 million follower mark. My guess is that we have not yet seen the ultimate power of how Twitter reaches the masses. Lets just hope those of us who follow will learn from the best and become better Twitter influencers ourselves.

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Twitter News Twitterholics

Britney Spears Is Not Gaga Over Losing The Top Twitter Spot

I don’t know about you but every once in a while I love seeing a good Girl Fight..;-) Well Twitter has set the stage for one of the best ever. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga)  just recently took the top spot from Britney Spears (@britneyspears) and may reach the 6 million follower mark before anyone.  I still remember way back when Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) beat out CNN (@cnnbrk) to the first million followers way back in April of 2009

Now a days, you can’t even get into the top 25 on Twitterholics if you don’t have 2 million plus followers.

I think the next milestone for all that are caring to watch will be the first person or personality that gets to the 10 million follower mark. I am still personally routing for Oprah Winfrey (@oprah). All she has to do is tell her raving fans.. me included to follow her and get her to 10 million followers as a send off present to her last season on regular tv. Oprah is currently 8th on the list  at this posting with just over 4 million followers but I bet she could get to 10 million faster than anyone if she put her tweet mind to it.

Here is an idea. Oprah does her final show as a Tweetup and gives everyone in the audience there choice of an iPhone, Blackberry Torch or the coolest Android phone at the time. She then tells the audience in the studio and her audience at home that before the end of her live fair well show she wants to be number one on Twitter. I bet she could probably get to 20 million followers by the end of the show if all went according to plan.

The only other person that I would route for is Barack Obama (@BarackObama). Wouldn’t it be cool to see our President retake that top spot on Twitter by announcing that we are finally out of this recession and that our unemployment rate has dropped to less than 2 percent.  Yeah, I know like that is going to happen anytime soon. I guy could dream can’t he.

My dark horse in all of this 10 million or bust twitter follower stuff is little Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber). He is young enough to be my kid and I really don’t get the reason why he is so popular but his Twitter stock is on the rise and he could trump @ladygaga, @britneyspears, @oprah and the prez @BarackObama before it is all said and done.

What are your thoughts on all this? Who is your favorite person or personality to be the first to 10 million Twitter followers?