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Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber Go 30 Million Followers on Twitter

Gaga is still the Queen of all Twitter at just over 31 million followers but not by much, Justin Bieber is right behind her at just over 30 million followers. These two have amassed over 20 million Twitter followers in just over one year. Check them out back in 2011 when they just reached 10 million followers (Twitter 10 Million Follower Club: Barack, Britney, Katy & Kim)

One thing that has also changed is the Klout status of Justin Bieber. Back in 2011 he was at 100% , 10 percentage points above Lady Gaga. Justin’s influence has dropped down to 91% and Gaga has grown hers to 93% over the last year.  Not sure why this has happened but chances are Justin is just in an influence slump and all the Twitter Monsters of Gaga are paying more attention to her Twitter feed.

One the heels of these two Twitter powerhouses is one Katy Perry at just over 29 million. Rihanna and our POTUS, Barack Obama round out the top 5.  One person who has dropped almost out of the top 10 is Ms. Kim K but that is not surprising do to her sham of a marriage going bust.

The more Twitter’s influence makes its way to those who follow, the more one should consider how to study and  mimic these Twitter superstars. Having millions of Twitter followers doesn’t  mean a hill a beans unless they act on what you say and react to what you tell them to do.

It only took one year for these influencers to triple their Twitter followers, lets see how fast it takes them to reach the 50 million follower mark. My guess is that we have not yet seen the ultimate power of how Twitter reaches the masses. Lets just hope those of us who follow will learn from the best and become better Twitter influencers ourselves.

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Twitter 10 Million Follower Club: Barack, Britney, Katy & Kim

Answer this trivia question. What does Barack Obama, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears all have in common? They are all now part of the Twitter 10 million follower club. They now share this distinction with Justin Bieber and the Queen of all Twitterdome Lady Gaga.

According to Twitterholic the current list of 10 million followers are as follows:

@ladygaga K 14,617,800 90
@justinbieber 13,492,053
@katyperry 10,990,167
@BarackObama 10,240,164
@KimKardashian 10,458,449
@britneyspears 10,290,280

Shakira, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Ashton Kutcher round out the top 10 almost 10 million member club. You may recall that Ashton Kutcher celebrated becoming the first person to reach 1 million followers back in April of 2009.

So here is the million dollar question. Is Twitter still relevant to those that follow Barack, Britney, Katy and Kim? Will we see Twitter’s influence begin to fade due to the popularity newer social networking services like Google+? Are those that follow the likes of Barack, Britney, Katy and Kim still being influenced by their Tweets.

Even though Lady Gaga is currently number one on the list with 14,617,800 at this time of this blog post her Klout score is 10 points lower than Justin Bieber. Kim Kardashian is at number 5 at 10,458,449 followers yet she is 1 point higher in Klout score than Lady Gaga the current number one.  Justin Bieber has a perfect 100 Klout score and I think it won’t be long before he passes Gaga and becomes the first to obtain 20 million followers based on the influence he has in the Twitter world.

One thing we do know is that Twitter is still very relevant in celebrity circles and their followers are still growing with each passing day.  The rate at which one gets followers may have slowed down some but their influence on these followers has in fact grown stronger.  Facebook may have the most users, and yes, Linkedin was the first to go public but Twitter is still the fastest most uncluttered way the world shares news via social media.

What are your thoughts on how Twitter’s influences has shaped the social media and the traditional media universe?

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