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Did Your Twitter Account Get The New Design Yet?

Twitter announced its new redesign of their Twitter site on Tuesday of this week and said that after their announcement they would roll out the new Twitter design to us all. Have you been updated to the new design yet? As of today I sure have not. So, when will we all be able to experience this most eagerly awaited new look and feel? Who Knows.

I have been very happy with web based clients like @hootsuite and @seesmic I am not sure what is taking Twitter so long to roll this new design out to everyone but I guess it has something to do with how many people who are actually using Twitter. Even though, I look forward to seeing the new Twitter design I don’t think it will make me want to give up my @hootsuite or @seesmic Twitter client. Oh well, If you have not seen what the new design looks like take a look at the two video below.  Big Thanks to Robert Scoble @Scobleizer for providing the Ustream coverage on the day of the Twitter announcement.  If you have been upgraded please let us know what the experience is like in your comments below.

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Twitter Goes From Nowhere to @Anywhere

Are you ready to go Anywhere with Twitter? I did not make this years South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals but I am sure if I had attended I would have been pretty jazzed about Evan Williams breaking news about the new @Anywhere. The more one uses Twitter the more you understand how influential this service really is when it comes to social engagement. Now, enter @Anywhere and you bring a whole new world of Twitter engagement to websites large and small.

@Anywhere will allow Twitter users to create conversations without having to leave the website and log onto Twitter first. This will allow readers to Tweet more often with those who frequently visit the same websites.

This is a perfect move by Twitter at this time. With all the talk about how the Twitter growth potential being stagnant @Anywhere can bring Twitter to reach new heights. Even though it will be released first on mainstream sites like  The Huffington Post and Digg, I look forward to when I can put the @Anywhere lines of code on my sites.

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Reid Hoffman and Biz Stone talk “Twitter On Linkedin”

twitter_linkedinIf you have not added your Twitter account to your Linkedin profile now is the time.
Linkedin and Twitter have official partnered and it is about to make a big dent in the Social Networking space.

Not only can you now have multiple Twitter accounts added to your Linkedin profile but all hashtags are now recognized. So please use #twarketing if you post this article to your Twitter feed. The only thing I suggest is that you don’t post all of your Tweets to your Linkedin account. When setting up your Twitter account on Linkedin use the selection that allows you to only post the tweets with “Share only tweets that contain #in” hashtag. Take a look at what Reid and Biz below have to say and let me know your thoughts.

Click here to learn more about Twarketing on Linkedin

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Biz Stone & Tavis Smiley Talk About How Twitter Will Make Money


This was an interesting conversation between Christopher (Biz) Stone (@biz) and PBS Show host  Tavis Smiley (@tavissmiley).  I have been saying all along that Twitter should not concentrate on the advertising dollars but on the companies and corporations who are making money on Twitter.  Corporations like Dell, BestBuy, Jetblue and Zappos have made millions from their F_R_E_E Twitter accounts. 3 Million Dollars, Dell And A PayPal “Donate” Button I for one would not mind paying for a premium account from Twitter, especially if you gave me a way to organize the people who followed me and gave me Google like analytics as well. I still think Twitter should also consider making money on  major events like the NFL’s Super Bowl,  the PGA’s Masters and major elections. Twitter’s New Election 2008: Twitter Branding At It’s Best As Twitter grows it will have ample opportunity to make money, I just hope to be a part of that money making process when it happens.

See or listen to the full interview by clicking here.

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